Legendary Horrors
Horror Anthology

Legendary Horrors offers readers a unique collection that both looks back at where the genre began and forward to where it is going.  Combining classic horror stories with stunning works from emerging masters, Legendary Horrors is the perfect collection for serious fans of the genre.
Mud Hallow Bridge, David Hart
A tourist unlocks a terrible secret that has cursed a small town for generations.

The Vampyre, John William Polidori
The classic vampire tale that set the standard for everything that came after it

Zombie Maker, Tim Kane
A man desperate to hold on to his love at all costs makes a deal with too high of a price

The Mummy's Foot, Theophile Gautier
A classic story about a bizarre trinket that takes a man on a strange journey into the afterlife

A Gypsy's Gift to Lucas, Richard Deal
A quiet vacation in a cabin turns into a nightmare for an elderly couple

The Wolf, Guy De Maupassant
A classic tale of shapeshifters from one of the early masters of the short story form

Night Tales Not Told, Brian Pettera
An investigative reporter gets the interview of the century...with the Boogeyman

The Black Reaper, Bernard Capes
Another classic master tells the story of a small village terrorized by an otherworldly being

These are stories that sneak into your mind and work to
elicit that serene terror that causes you to leave the lights on.

Alicia Karen Elkins, Rambles.net

...excellent stories that pumped new blood into these classic motifs
Janie Franz, Myshelf.com

Legendary Horrors captures the allure of the classic horror novel

Sabrina Williams, Breeni Book
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