In Our House
Peter A. Balaskas
Horror Short Story Collection
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"Like Patricia Highsmith or even early Stephen King, Balaskas is shaping himself into a modern master of magic and terror. Not just the magic of the supernatural, but the simple magic between people; not just the terror of the monstrous, but the scare of ordinary people pushed to extraordinary extremes and desperate measures with catastrophic consequences."

Marlon James, NY Times Editor's Choice and LA Book Prize Finalist of
John Crow's Devil and The Book of Night Women

"In his short story collection
In Our House, Peter Balaskas delights in presenting to us terrible men and then further delights in delivering to them their well-earned comeuppance.  A wicked read."

David Fuller, Edgar Award Nominee for

In Our House is a mosaic of prosaic poetry at its twisted finest; intense, plot-driven stories bent on creativity and warped with mischief.  Step aside King, Bradbury, and Poe, for a new master to the genre has arrived."

Michael Mehas, author of
Stolen Boy

"Set in what Hawthorne called that 'nuetral territory...where the Actual and Imaginary may meet,' these stories plumb the night side of our collective unconsciousness with the wit and skill of a seasoned storyteller.  At his best, in stories like
Crossing the Styx and Wash Cycle, Peter Balaskas makes the distinction between speculative fiction and literary fiction all but irrelevant:  simply put, he keeps us reading."

Pete Duval, author of
Rear View
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In Our House: Tantalizing Tales of Terror
In Our House