A Bottle of Jyn

"The spinning's the worst part. 
To much Bliss will do that."

Vincent Poe knows all about Bliss.  As a supervisor at the Wagner Institute, Poe uses his supernatural powers to track murders and help study the potential of the human mind.  But mixing Bliss travel with alcohol can only lead to trouble, particularly when a mysterious woman named Jyn gets involved.

This short story expands upon the world of the Wagner Institute. 
About the Author:
Peter A. Balaskas received his BS in Chemistry and his MA in Creative Writing and Literature from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.  His fiction and poetry have been published in
The Aroostook Review, Pale Skies, Sage of Consciousness, and Rogue Worlds.  His critical essay on Harlan Ellison's "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream" was published in Criterion.  The novella, The Chameleon's Addiction was a semi-finalist in the 2004 Glacier Press Writing Contest.  Peter also serves as the editor of the annual anthology Silent Voices: A Creative Mosaic of Fiction

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The Grandmaster
by Peter A. Balaskas

Welcome to the Wagner Institute for Mental Treatment and Investigations.  Since 1966, Dr. Johann Wagner has guided his team of paranormal investigators and psychologists in solving supernatural crimes and unlocking the secrets of the human mind.  But now a horror from his past has come back to destroy not only Wagner, but everything he has built.   Wagner once used his paranormal powers to escape the horrors of the Holocaust, but can his aging mind and body stop the terror that has returned to claim him?
Praise for The Grandmaster

"...an enthralling and clever tale that you will be talking about for days after reading the book."

"Peter A. Balaskas is an amazing writer...This book pulls you in completely..."

"Peter A. Balaskas has proven himself a master of the genre..."
Midwest Book Review

"The Grandmaster is a cleverly concocted novella combining tragedy and hope from the bleakest sadness and intolerable cruelty to an unconditional kindness."

"The Grandmaster is a remarkable story that illustrates both the depths of depravity humanity is capable of, as well as the boundless strength of the human spirit." 

"This book is a fascinating read!" 
Ghostwriter Literary Reviews

"This is a nuanced and well-written story, with a bittersweet and satisfying end." 
Monster Librarian
WINNER! 2008 Best Sci-Fi Novel
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Finalist! 2009 Best Horror Fiction!
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