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Neiyar requires the use of the Player's Handbook published by Wizards of the Coast
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An insane goddess above.  A demonic god below.  Caught in the middle, a civilization on the verge of civil war.  Welcome to NEIYAR:  LAND OF HEAVEN AND THE ABYSS, an original campaign setting for the d20 system. 

The world of Neiyar is set on an isolated jungle island surrounded by fierce seas and guarded by an ancient beast that destroys any ships that get too close.  The civilization has developed in a vacuum, as centuries of isolation from the outside world allowed the residents of the island to create their own, unique social structure. 

But the Code of the Neiyar, for so long the only law ever needed, is crumbling.  Influences from Outsiders (people not native to the island, but arrived via shipwrecks or other means) are leading people to question the rule of the Devi.  An old foe, the mighty Krakadons, seeks to reclaim its lost empire and threatens to once again war against the Neiyar.  And the demon-god Nephar plots to once more unleash his demonic armies against the struggling culture.

Neiyar features five new playable races, two player race templates, 10 new prestige classes, as well as tons of new spells, feats, monsters, magic items, and more.  Learn Hearth Magic and defy the laws of both arcane and divine spellcasting.  Take "flaws" to round out your character...and earn bonus feats.  This complete campaign setting includes a full module.
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Neiyar Supplements:

Neiyar: The Ruins of Dazu: Centuries ago, the mighty Krakodon capital of Dazu was left in ruins by a legendary dragon.  Now a strange orb is rumored to have appeared in the ruins.  Is the orb the key to liberating the once great city?  Or is a greater evil at work? 

The Festival of Blades: Participate in the Festival of Blades, the sacred gladitorial combat of the goddess Sophia Kalla.  But there is more to worry about than your competition.  Someone is killing off participants, and if you don't uncover who, you could be next.  A full module designed for levels 8th-12th.

Races of Neiyar:  Krakodons: The first in the Races of Neiyar series.  Brutal.  Noble.  Primative.  Honorable.  The Krakodon embody a host of contradictions.  This supplement explores the Krakodon culture in depth.  Now avilable.  Written by Matthew Paisie and illustrated by John Ward.

Races of Nieyar:  Mahaultae: Volume two of the series, written by Iain Fyffe,  explores the mysterious world of the feline Mahaultae, who claim to be the children of the goddess Francisca Mahault and the Tiger Lord.   You can see some of the concept art for this upcoming supplement by visiting artist Valerie Dicaire's site.

Races of Neiyar: The Auronnes: Volume Three of the series, written by Christopher Reed, will focus on the enigmatic and underestimated swan-like Auronnes.  Dismissed as naive and vain, the Auronnes seek to carve out a place to call their own in the savage land.  In production.
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