Beneath the Surface of Things
by Kevin Wallis
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"Kevin Wallis has a voice for days.  For days and weeks.  He's somebody I read to ask "How did he do that?" His stories leave you lost in their construction, in their technique, in their plain but important ability to suck you in.  Mr. Wallis is on his way to becoming an important force - catch him now."

Sam W. Anderson,
author of
Postcards from Purgatory
"An impressive, often unnerving, and always gutsy collection,
Beneath the Surface of Things easily marks Kevin Wallis as a writer to Beware of with such stories as Redemption Song and No Monsters Came That Night. Every story showcases Wallis' determination to break through the so-called boundaries of dark fiction and explore disturbing and sometimes even eye-opening new worlds, some without, but most within.  You owe it to yourself to look Beneath the Surface of Things."

Gary A. Braunbeck
Bram Stoker and World Horror Guild Award winning author
To Each Their Darkness and A Cracked and Broken Path.

"Wallis' storytelling is versatile and heartfelt.  Beneath the Surface of Things is a poignant approach to terrors both supernatural and standard."

Lincoln Crisler,
author of
Magick and Misery

"His combination of horror with fantasy, surrealism with reality, light with dark, and mercy with death creates compelling stories deserving the attention of all readers."

Curled Up With a Good Book Book Reviews

"Kevin Wallis has put together what can best be described as a vivid tapestry of horrific prose.  While the stories seem to have an underlying theme of human condition, they are anything but common.  This collection runs the gamut of the classic cool creep to the more visceral and gut-wrenching."

Bailey Hunter, Dark Recesses Press

"Speaking from personal experience, Kevin Wallis' stories will stick with you for days, months, even years after you read them.  This is an eclectic, entertaining, and satistfying collection of stories, packed with unsettling scenarios, emotional resonance, and characters everyone can relate to and can't help but root for."

Steve Lowe,
author of
Muscle Memory and Wolves Dressed as Men

"Kevin Wallis makes the ugly and terrifying come alive.  His stories have a complexity that I really enjoyed and went way beyond the simply scary."

Coral Moore, Chaos and Insanity

"His mastery of suspending this reader's disbelief is as developed as any giant in the genre."

Isabela Morales, The Scattering

"Kevin Wallis is a rising force in the arena of  speculative fiction.  He writes with an astonishing balance, presenting characters we care about, thrusts into situations we would be inhuman to wish upon our worst enemy. Highly entertaining!"

Lee Thompson, author
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A homeless man trapped in a hell of his own making finds a reason to hope in Redemption Song.  A camping trip turns into a race for survival after the discovery of a strange artifact in The Taking of Michael McConnolly.  A man begins to question his sanity as the patrons of a cafe begin to dissappear one by one in Charlie's Lunch.

The Taking of Michael McConnolly was named an Honorable Mention by Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year, Vol. 3
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