Gettysburg Photos
These are pictures of the Lincoln Suite at the Gettysburg Inn. 
Everyone at the
Dobbin House was wonderful and they have our thanks for an enjoyable stay!
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My fiance Michael stands next to our new friend Elmo (this horse is HUGE).  His owner and driver runs the Gettysburg Carriage Company.  This is a wonderful family-owned company, and if you have the chance to get to Gettysburg, please give them a call to arrange a carriage tour (or if you see them parked on the street, just ask for a ride!)  717-337-3400.
Michael stands in front of a monument to the men of the 134th New York Infantry who fell during the battle.  The field is scattered with dozens of massive monuments to these valiant soldiers.  Walking among the monuments was one of the most humbling experiences of my life.  Below is a view of the cemetary across the street.
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