Foot Ways
by Lynn Veach Sadler

Lynn Veach Sadler weaves this coming of age tale with old wives' tales and a twist of
menace to deliver a stunning, thoughtful story of youth and penance.  Polly Junior never
could understand why all the womenfolk in her sleepy little town would get so worked
up over the arrival of Mr. Rufe.   Why did everyone feel obligated to open their homes
each year to this wanderer, who arrived each spring to the delight of the town ladies
and the dismay of the town menfolk?  Nothing is what it seems, and soon it becomes
apparent that the seemingly harmless tradition carries a darker purpose.
Native North Carolinian and former college president
Dr. Lynn Veach Sadler won an Extraordinary
Undergraduate Teaching Award, a civil rights award,
the Distinguished Women of North Carolina Award
for Education, and the Barringer Award for
Exceptional Service from the North Carolina Society
of Historians.  Her academic publications include five
books and some sixty-eight articles.  Now a full-time
creative writer of poetry, fiction, and plays, she has a
full-length poetry collection forthcoming. She won a
Silver Medal in 2005 in the the Pinter Prize for
Drama, and in 2006 won the Abroad Writers
Contest/Fellowship (France).  In 2008, Dr. Sadler
won the Judith Siegel Pearson Prize for her one act
Praise for Foot Ways

"Foot Ways is a delicious book that left me wishing for more; it tasted of
Southern Cooking and Southern Folklore."

"Dr. Sadler's elegant lyrical wordsmithing gives Foot Ways its considerable

"...this short but eccentric story is one of the most quirky and memorable that
I've read in a while."
Mrs. Giggles Reviews

Foot Ways, by Lynn Veach Sadler, is one of the most creative, whimsical, and
enjoyable books I have read in recent years.

"...a richly told tale, full of wonderful characters and heartfelt dialogue that
makes the book an absolute joy to read."
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