Dead Men (and Women) Walking
Cover art by
Debra Colvin.
Additional interior art by
Ognjen Popovic, Marc Henry Medina, and Benjamin A. Nendza
Return of the Dead Men (and Women) Walking
Horror Anthology

Zombies. Vampires.  Undead things that should not be. The undead return to share their tales, with a new collection of 14 tales of horror.

Bring Me the Head of Pepe Cortez!
by J. Tanner

Putting the Romance Back into Necromancy
by Sarina Dorie

The Snowy River Feral
by Gitte Christensen

When the Rain Stops

by Mark Charke

by Kurt Bachard

by E.M. MacCallum

Deadest in Show
by Karissa B. Sluss

The Body in the Water
by Marilag Angway

For All Your Carpeting Needs

by Matthew D. Johnson

The Baby
by Brian Rosenberger

Fixing Nancy
by Jonathan Templar

by Dawn Lyons

The Heart of the Storm
by Matthew Smallwood

Three Strikes
by Aurelio Rico Lopez III

The Horror in the Attic
by Julie Ann Dawson
Dead Men (and Women) Walking

Guy Belleranti
Dead Man's Tale
Under Cover of Darkness

Alexander Zelenyj
Adam and Eve Versus the Human Race

Josh Benton
Waking Finnegan

Jeff Brown
Catherine's Well

Shawn Westmoreland
The Consequence of Curiosity

Brian Jaime
First Born

Patricia A. Collins
Alone in the Dark

Lee Pletzers
Fountain of Youth

E.P. Spader

Arthur Sanchez
Old Habits, New Habits

Jennifer Schoonover
Honor Bound

Emily M.Z. Carlyle
Walking Wounded

Garth Wright
Cat Food

Dave Bartlett
A New Years' Tale

Aurelio Rico Lopez III

Michael A. Kechula
Searching for Dr. Harlow

Brian Rosenberger
Earth A.Z. (After Zombie)
Shop 'til You Drop

G.W. Thomas
Food Chain

Tristan T. Tenorio
The New Creatures

Penelope Allen
Bazaar Shades of Sorrow

Donna Taylor Burgess
Under a Blanket of Blue

Tanya Nehmelman
Every Time I Close My Eyes

Dilman Dila
Billy is Three Weeks Dead
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