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The Quiet Library and the Stairs of Mirabal
Congratulations to Herman Lau (Tavern Tales Artist)  for being nominated Best Artist of 2006 in the annual Preditors & Editors Reader's Choice Poll! 
Adventure can turn up in the most unlikely of places...
There is more to a good roleplaying game than endless dungeon crawls and monster hacking.  Your players have a whole world to explore, after all.  But how do you plan for every possible thing the players might want to do?  With the Adventure Havens series, you won't have to.

Each installment of the Adventure Havens series presents twelve ready-to-use related locales, complete with brief histories, important NPCs, and story seeds.  Pick the ones you want to use and quickly fold them into your existing campaigns to add a new level of depth to your fantasy world.

Adventure Havens:  Tavern Tales
You know it wouldn't be a proper trip in town if the party didn't stop at the local tavern.  But what exactly can they expect besides a mug of ale? 
Adventure Havens:  Tavern Tales presents twelve generic taverns full of rowdy, conniving, plotting NPCs ready to use your players in their schemes.  

Adventure Havens:  Library Lore
Whoever said libraries were boring never visited these! 
Adventure Havens:  Library Lore presents twelve ready-to-use libraries that can be dropped into almost any fantasy setting.  Now when your players stop to do research, learn new spells, or uncover lost lore, they might find a lot more than they bargained for among those books.

Adventure Havens:  Hammers, Anvils, and Tongs
Sometimes even getting your armor repaired can lead to adventure!  With
Adventure Havens:  Hammers, Anvils, and Tongs, introduce your players to twelve weaponsmiths, bowyers, and leatherworkers that can do more than buy unwanted gear.  Variant materials to customize armor and weapons, and new rules for dragon skin armor!

Adventure Havens:   Lords of the Manor
Who exactly is in that regal keep on top of the bluff?  Who owns the creepy manor deep in the woods?  The answers to these questions and more are at your fingertips.  Twelve ready-to-use manors, castles, and keeps that you can place in any fantasy setting.

Adventure Havens:  Specialty Shops
Adventure Havens: Specialty Shops presents 12 unique barter and trade opportunities for players.  From a bizarre abberation that trades secrets for magic items to a magical well that enchants weapons to a cooperative of traveling mages, Adventure Havens: Specialty Shops makes shopping an adventure!

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